I was submitted on Isanyoneup by my ex boyfriend. I am confronted by friends, family, and strangers that they have seen me naked online everyday. People who I would never show my body to now have the privilege of doing so without my consent at anytime. With just the click of a cursor my life was ruined.

You may think it’s funny but sometimes don’t want to leave my house and go to the mall with my family because I fear somebody will come up to me while I’m with my mother and mention it. My sisters are 15 and 17 and they came home telling me that all their friends in school think I am dirty. They are ashamed to be related with me and want to lie to their friends that they are my sisters. I am a disgrace to my family.

I cannot even go to a gas station without hearing workers snicker to each other about seeing me on there. It’s been almost 2 months now and I cannot evade it and it cripples me at times to make me want to take my own life.

I feel robbed of something special. Anytime I get serious with somebody I feel like my body is not a gift and that they aren’t enthused to get me out of my clothes. It has prevented me from getting into some relationships because men are embarrassed to be with me knowing their friends have seen me naked. I am hesitant of my own body. Anybody who doesn’t know me instantly views me as a slut. They don’t care about my story they just see those pictures and form their stereotypical opinions on the spot. Nobody cares about the effect it had on my life either.

I wish the world would forget about it so I could do the same. My self worth has gone out the window and I worry I may never get it back.
This keeps me one step away from happiness every single day. I don’t know what to do anymore.

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    The same thing happened to me a few days ago. No matter what i’ve done to try to get the pictures off the website, they...
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    CAN I USE THIS ABOUT ISANYONEUP.COM FOR A COLLEGE SPEECH? PLEASE? I’ll follow you. :) people need to know
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    This is really sad. People disgust me…
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    Cyber-bullying should be a crime re-blog if you agree
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    Sending somebody you trust a picture of yourself doesn’t give them the right to send it to the world. It’s fucked up....
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    It’s one thing to submit your own photos to them but for other DBs to do it, shouldn’t be allowed!
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    Why don’t you just decide to love your body and not care what other people think? That’s real self worth.
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